Content is king.

ROI-driven, with custom content solutions.

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Team of Dedicated Content Experts

Take the guesswork out of scaling content for your business.

It's time to seize your place as a thought leader and top-notch expert in your field.

Our team is ready to develop and implement a custom content plan that is hyper-focused on communicating the nuances of your business.

What working with Scalezilla looks like. 

Step 1.) Onboarding call.

We start with a brief & efficient onboarding call. We learn about your goals, then we talk strategy on how to hit them. Plus? You get a 1 page custom strategy guide for your content goals — on the house. 

Step 2.) Content calendar.

We take what we learned from the onboarding call & get to work. The goal? Develop a monthly content calendar. This outlines what we'll be writing for your business and how it will achieve your goals.

Step 3.) The magic happens.

This is where the fun begins. Once the content calendar is approved on your end, we get to work on our magic. Crafting only the highest quality content for your business. We'll update you on a weekly basis on deliverables.

Step 4.) Monthly check-ins. 

Now we're going forward, full-steam. To make sure we're all aligned and on the same page, we encourage monthly check-in calls. This is where we can tweak and iterate and succeed together. 

Ready to scale your content?

Start with a consultation with our team.
For free.
(Yes, we just used the "F" word.")


ROI-driven content pricing.

We examine your business, competition, and goals
to craft a custom content strategy hyper-focused on your success.

Expand your audience, outrank the competition, and dominate with the right strategy.

Here’s what each plan includes:

Team of content experts.

Our team is at your service. Over 20+ years of experience to help your content shine. 

Custom strategy.

There's nothing cookie-cutter here. We listen your goals and work from there. 

ROI-driven content, ready to publish.

Anybody can spin up a blog. But what if your content actually worked to make your business money?

Articles delivered to your inbox weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Deliverables right in your inbox when you expect them. We eat deadlines for breakfast. 

Content is king plan.


Per 1500 word article.

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And what about lead magnets?

Showcase your expertise.

Our lead magnet service creates captivating content pieces that showcase your industry knowledge and position you as a trusted authority.

Collect leads. 

With the lead magnet, you'll build a targeted email list and have the chance to convert interested prospects into loyal customers.

Engage prospects.

The lead magnet speaks directly to your prospects needs, fostering meaningful connections and paving the way for fruitful conversations.

Boost revenue.

The lead magnet focuses on driving conversions and sales. You can expect a direct impact on your bottom line.

The lead magnet.


5 page lead magnet.
Includes design and images.

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Need something more custom?

Let's talk. We can handle most any scope or project.

Our capabilities include eBooks, white papers, email newsletters, and more.

Have questions?

Check out our FAQ below. 

  • How will Scalezilla help my business?

    The ways our clients benefit from our "Content is King" plan includes (but aren’t limited to) the following:

    Publish value-infused articles to your blog.

    Supercharge your blog with articles your audience will love. By regularly dishing out top-notch content, your business won't just rise in search results, but also become a respected voice in your field.

    Update subscribers about new content through your email newsletter.

    Your subscribers adore what you do, right? Let's keep them in the loop! Every time we roll out new content, you can give them a heads-up through your email newsletter. It's a win-win: they get great content, and you stay on their radar.

    Repurpose content into social media posts.

    Social media is an untapped goldmine. The content we publish for you can be repurposed with irresistible snippets for your followers. This way, they'll be enticed to read the full scoop on your website. Plus, the more they love it, the more they'll share it.

    Encourage newsletter opt-ins with gated content and other offerings.

    Want more newsletter sign-ups? The can't-resist content we write for you will have your prospects itching to give you their email. Once they're in, you can stay connected long after they've left your site through savvy email marketing.

  • How do I know if Scalezilla is the right fit for my business?

    Think our values are a match made in heaven? Then we might just be the content marketing partner you've been searching for.

    But hey, we get it. Sometimes you need a little more to seal the deal. That's why we're offering a content strategy consultation to really show you what we're made of.

    And the cherry on top? We'll whip up a free 1 page custom strategy guide for your content goals, giving you a sneak peek of the magic we can create together.

  • Who writes the articles?

    Meet the Scalezilla squad!

    We've assembled a dream team of content marketing wizards who make the magic happen for our clients.

    Our lineup? Stellar content strategists, wordsmiths, and eagle-eyed editors who've either worked in or written for your industry. They don't just know their stuff - they live it!

    Here's what makes our team the crème de la crème:

    English language? They've got it down pat.

    Critical thinking? It's their second nature.

    Clear, concise writing? It's their bread and butter.

    That's the Scalezilla promise - an expert team that always delivers!

  • What kind of articles do you write?

    Most of our articles are the Goldilocks kind - not too short, not too long, just right. We're talking about 1,500 to 2,000 words, though we always tailor it to the reader persona (a fancy way of saying "who we're writing for").

    Our articles aren't just words on a page; they're carefully crafted articles that focus on a chosen keyword and are packed with value. You get them hot off the press ready to publish. We're talking full formatting, eye-catching images with alt text, a meta description, and even a recommended URL for that sweet, sweet SEO success.

    And if you you need something more, we're adept at long-form content like eBooks and whitepapers. Interested? Give us a shout!

  • How do you choose topics and strategy?

    Scalezilla focuses on "cluster strategy" for content. Think of it as a secret recipe that's based on your business's unique flavor and who you're serving it up to - your target readers.

    Your strategist will brainstorm topic ideas, always with your reader's interests at heart. The goal is to provide maximum value for your readers and prospects. Then comes the fun part: we'll arrange these topics into neat clusters. It's like creating a mind map that not only builds your brand's reputation as a thought leader but also optimizes your presence in the SERPs.

    It's a proven recipe for success.

  • Do you offer revisions?

    Our mission is to deliver incredible content. If there’s a mistake on our end, we’ll always provide a revision at no additional charge. However, even with this being the case, we need to remain productive and avoid multiple rounds of revisions.

    If we receive many revision requests on account of personal preference, we’ll politely ask that you make those changes yourself. This ensures our writers and editors continue moving forward with the rest of your content.

    Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re concerned about our commitment to quality and customer service, please contact us directly so we can immediately handle these concerns to your satisfaction.